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Greek Allrounder Seasoning 2 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

Greek Allrounder Seasoning 2 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

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Greek Allrounder Seasoning Mix 2 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

  • Greek style spice mix 2 oz easy shaker.
  • Authentic Greek inspired blend of onion, garlic, oregano, basil, pepper, lemon and mint.
  • Add some Greek flavor to chicken, gyros, lamb, kebabs, grilled goat cheese and Greek salads. 
  • Natutally good spice mix quality without flavor enhancers or artificial colors.
  • Hand-crafted with Love in the USA by Unique Flavors.
  • All the classic Greek flavors of garlic and oregano with a fresh lemon finish.

Only high-qualiy raw materials without flavors enhancers, artificial aromas, colorings and preservatives are used in our spices and seasonings.



Dehydrated garlic, spices (incl. basil, rosemary, oregano, peppers), parsley, parsley, sea salt, canola oil, mint leaves, black pepper, citric acid, onion sugar, calcium sterate, silicon dioxide, calcium citrate (for free flowing), celery seed, lemon oil, yellow 5 lake.

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