Nutrition and Ingredients Egg Seasoning

egg topping nutrition and ingredient information

Ingredients: Sea salt, dehydrated red bell peppers, dehydrated onion, spices, parsley, turmeric, dehydrated garlic, less than 2% sunflower oil added as processing aid

Unique Flavors Classic Egg Seasoning SKU numbers:


03304 Egghead Egg Seasoning For Scrambled Eggs 2 oz Easy Shaker.  
72917 Egghead Trio Scrambled Eggs Topping Each 2 oz Easy Shaker 3-Pack.
24278 Egg Seasoning Combi Pack 2 oz Easy Shaker and 2 oz Refill Bag. 
03311 Egg Seasoning Gourmet Topping For Scrambled Eggs, 2.2 oz.
24360 Scrambled Eggs Topping Seasoning Mix 3 oz.
58556 Egghead Egg Seasoning For Scrambled Eggs 2.4 oz. 
58501 Egg Seasoning For Scrambled Eggs Gourmet Quality 2.7 oz.
73051 Egg Topping Egghead Seasoning for Scrambled Eggs or 3.5 oz 


Season to taste. Store in a cool and dry space.