Tuscany Italian style seasoning blend in a 5 oz re-sealable bag

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Pumpkin pie seasoning for the holidays

pumpkin pie seasoning by unique flavors

Pumpin pie seasoning for the holiday season

Salt of the earth

Himalayan pink sea salt for grinder

Use unrefined sea salt such as Fleuer de Sel instead of processed and refined industrial type salt 

fine himalayan pink sea salt

Spices and seasonings subscriptions

How subscriptions work:

Spices, herbs, or seasonings are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.


Mediterranean sea salt

mediterranean sea salt 3oz
Mediterranean sea salt

If you love eggs

egghead scrambled egg seasoning

Bernie's scrambled egg seasoning mix

Bernie's scrambled egg seasoning mix
Unique Flavors' egg seasoning mix for scrambled eggs. Now also available on a subscription basis.

New Old Bay packaging

New Old Bay packaging
The old Old Bay tin can is no more. If you still have one at home you should perhaps keep it as a collectors item. The new Old Bay cans are made of...