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Egghead Gourmet Egg Seasoning 3.5 oz Bag - Unique Flavors

Egghead Gourmet Egg Seasoning 3.5 oz Bag - Unique Flavors

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Egghead Seasoning For Scrambled Eggs - Unique Flavors

  • Egg topping for scrambled eggs or omeletts.
  • 3.5 oz re-sealable freshness-bag.
  • Egghead egg seasoning will give breakfast scrambled eggs that special extra. With dry herbs and spices.
  • Beat it into scrambled eggs, or drizzle over an omelett or frittata.
  • Naturally good without flavor enhancers or colorings.
  • For the classic breakfast scrambled eggs just add 1.5 tsp to 3-4 eggs and your breakfast dish is ready.
  • If you like season to taste after the dish is done for more flavor.
  • TIP: For the perfect scrambled eggs add tomatos and serve with chives as topping                                                                                                                                  


Sea salt, dehydrated red bell pepper, dehydr. onion, spices, parsley, turmeric, dehydr. garlic, less than 2% sunflower oild added as processing aid.

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