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Pepper White Ground 1.5 oz Easy Shaker - Spices Direct

Pepper White Ground 1.5 oz Easy Shaker - Spices Direct

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White Pepper Ground 1.5 oz - Spices Direct

White Pepper is perfect for light dishes such as poultry or chowders.

  • Gourmet ground white pepper for creamy soups, white sauces, salad dressings, white meat (turkey, chicken, veal), dumplings and more.
  • 100% ground white pepper. Can be used as an alternative for salt.
  • Delivers a fresh pepper flavor with a hot, sharp taste.
  • Rich beige in color for a white pepper flavor.
  • Ground white pepper adds heat to meatloaf recipes.
  • White pepper enhances the flavor of soups such as chowders.
  • Popular in French and Asian cooking. Naturally good without flavor enhancers or preservatives.

 White Pepper vs Black Pepper

White pepper comes from the same plant as black pepper. The difference is how they are picked and processed. The white peppercorns are picked at a peak ripeness, then soaked in water and then had the outer peppercorn layer removed.

The black peppercorn are the unripe berries from the same pepper plant, harvested, dried which causes the outer skin to blacken.

Black pepper gives off a more spicy heat because of the piperine, white pepper on the other hand has a more earthy and musty flavor. Black pepper and white pepper have been found to promote good gut health and speed up digestion. 


Ground white pepper.

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