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Cayenne Hot Pepper Ground 2 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

Cayenne Hot Pepper Ground 2 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

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Cayenne Hot Pepper Powder 2 oz - Unique Flavors 

  • Cayenne Pepper spicy hot has a fiery, very hot flavor of 40640 Scoville HU.
  • Adds color and heat to salsa and tomato sauces, for warm and cold dishes. 
  • For chili, soups, meat loaf recipes, seafood, marinades, Italian sausage, eggs potatoes etc. In shaker bottler with 2 oz (57 g) net weight. 
  • Ground cayenne pepper distributes throughout your foods more evenly than whole peppers, ensuring each bite is as good as the last. 
  • A key ingredient in hot sauces and great for general cooking. Will kick up the heat of any dish.
  • Sometimes labeled as "red pepper," cayenne is ground from a blend of several particularly hot varieties of dried red chili peppers. I
  • Extremely hot and pungent flavor will add plenty of zest to barbeque, meat marinades, and buffalo wings.
  • Cayenne pepper on chicken wings for the next party.

Made in the USA by Unique Flavors 

Only high-qualiy raw materials without flavors enhancers, artificial aromas, colorings and preservatives are used in our spices and seasonings



Ground hot cayenne peppers

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