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Avocado Toast Spice 3.8 oz Glass Bottle - Unique Flavors

Avocado Toast Spice 3.8 oz Glass Bottle - Unique Flavors

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Avocado Toast Topping Gourmet Seasoning 3.8 oz Glass Jar 

Avocado is a super healthy fruit

  • Avocado toast topping gives fresh avocados that special kick and finish.
  • Also for avocado salsa, deviled eggs, grilled avocado sliders, dips, perfect in guacamole and for salmon toast or vegetables.
  • Great ingredient for avocado pasta sauce or avocado toast with eggs.
  • 100% vegan, natural ingredients.
  • No additives or flavor enhancers. no preservatives.
  • 3.8 oz glass bottle. Perfect finish for any avocado recipe.
  • Avocado topping seasoning is hand-crafted in the USA.
  • This avocado spice mix contains SESAME SEEDS.

How to make avocado toast and avocado recipes, please check

Avocado toast recipes on Youtube:

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Only high-qualiy raw materials without flavors enhancers, no artificial aromas, colorings and preservatives are used in our spices and seasonings.



Sea salt flakes, black sesame seeds, dehydrated tomato, spices, pink peppercorns. Contains: SESAME SEEDS

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