Home Bakery Supreme Bread and Pizza Machine

Home Bakery Supreme Bread and Pizza Machine

Make pizza, breadsticks, dinner rolls, focaccia, sweetbreads at home

There's nothing easier than putting the ingredients into the bucket (especially when using our easy-to-use bread mixes) pushing "start," and coming back 90 minutes later to thoroughly kneaded, beautifully risen dough.

Our stainless steel Zojirushi, with black acrylic top and brushed stainless steel base, is the most handsome bread machine you'll ever own. Produces a 1½ to 2-pound loaf. This bread machine kneads yeast dough more thoroughly with less effort than anything else, from hands to food processor to mixer.

We ought to know — we have seven Zojirushis in our test kitchen! If you're feeling creative (as we often are), you can also take the bread out after the kneading and first rise to shape and bake however you want! Perfect for when you want to bake a boule, bâtard, buns, or braid! Zo makes it simple.


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