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Steak Rub & BBQ Seasoning New York 20 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

Steak Rub & BBQ Seasoning New York 20 oz Easy Shaker - Unique Flavors

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New York Steak House Seasoning 20 oz Professional Size

  • Steak Rub Seasoning for bold tasting steaks and burgers with a hint of garlic and onion.
  • Perfect steak seasoning blend for tender, juicy steaks.
  • Also great for burgers, roasts, prime ribs and chicken
  • This steak seasoning is crafted in small batches for superior steak flavor.
  • Season before or after grilling for a bold steak taste.
  • Made in small batches in the USA by Unique Flavors.

Sometimes it just has to be something simple and rock solid. No frills, but hearty and full of great taste. Then it's time again for a really good steak. After you have managed to get hold of the perfect steak, then the only question becomes:  What seasoning for steaks?

With our New York Steak Seasoning you can make the perfect steak. Sea salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and parsley provide exotic notes and a pleasant spiciness. Every Tenderloin Steak and every T-bone Steak becomes a tasty treat. Serve with crispy fries and a fresh crunchy salad. The New York Seasoning is every griller's choice and you'll spice up every griller's heart.



Salt, spices, dehydrated garlic and onion, sugar, dehydrated bell peppers and parsley

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