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Pizza Seasoning Pizzaking 2oz - Unique Flavors

Unique Flavors LLC

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Italian Spices And Herb Mix Pizza Seasoning 2oz Easy Shaker 

  • Pizzaking spice mix for pizza, pasta, anti pasta, spaghetti, calzones, chicken, seafood, tomato salad, mozarella salad etc.
  • Tip: Rehydrate with 1 tbs of warm water and 2 tbs seasoning mix, let absorbe for a little bit, add olive oil and use as a bread dipping mix., add into pizza soup or when making italian pizza sausage as a pizza topping.
  • Also great as ingredient for your homemade pizza or tomato sauce.

Ingredients: Dehydrated garlic, spices (incl. basil, rosemary, oregano, peppers) parsely, sea salt, canola oil.