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Scrambled Eggs Seasoning 2.2 oz Tin Can - Unique Flavors

Scrambled Eggs Seasoning 2.2 oz Tin Can - Unique Flavors

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Egg Topping  2.2 oz Tin Can- Unique Flavors

  • Unique Flavors' egg topping will give your breakfast scrambled eggs that special extra spicy flavor.
  • With dry herbs and spices. Beat it into scrambled eggs, or drizzle over an omelet or frittata.
  • Also great on egg salads, omelets and delicious crepes. Ideal if you are making vegan scrambled eggs.
  • Naturally good egg topping. No artificial flavors or colors or preservatives.
  • In 2.2 oz tin can. In stock for immediate shipment.
  • Made in the USA by Unique Flavors

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Want a bigger size? 3.5oz bag

Only high-qualiy raw materials without flavors enhancers, artificial aromas, colorings and preservatives are used in our spices and seasonings.

Interested in organic free range eggs?



Sea salt, dehydrated red bell peppers, dehydrated onion, spices, parsley, turmeric, dehydrated garlic, less than 2% sunflower oil added as processing aid

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