Wine Slushy Maker directions

slushy girl frozen wine slush mix logo

Directions for “Slushy Girl frozen wine mixes


 Empty package into a freezable 1 gal. container or zip-lock bag.

     1. Add 1 bottle of red or white WINE (red for Purplicious’ only). Can  can               also be Non-alcoholic wine or apple juice, cider etc.)

      2. Refill empty wine bottle with water and add to the container with the mix   

      3. Shake or stir

      4. Freeze for 3 - 4 hours 

      5. Remove slushy mix container from freezer, let sit for a little bit until the                    mixture  has a "slushie" consistancy, stir, serve and enjoy!

      Once melted, you can re-freeze again


With WINE:  - Combine in blender 1 cup of dry mixture                                                             - 1 cup of wine (red or white) red only for ‘Purplicious’.                                           - 3 - 4 cups of ice

With VODKA:   - Combine in blender 1 cup of of dry mixture                                                          - 1/4 cup of vodka                                                                       -                            - 3/4 cup of water