NEW ! Tuscany Italian style pizza seasoning blend in 2.4 oz re-sealable bag instead of a tin can

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Tuscany Italian inspired spicy Mediterranean seasoning mix in 5 oz bag

Unique Flavors LLC

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Italian style spice mix Tuscany by Unique Flavors

Tuscany Italian style spice mix for pizza made with premium spices and ingredients. If you like to make homemade pizza or pizza sauce, this one is for you. Taste the freshness of Mediterranean flavors of basil, garlic, oregano and paprika. For a typical Italian taste sprinkle on pizza, pasta, antipasta, calzones, seafood, shrimp scampy, Italian bread or vegetables. Use as pizza sauce seasoning. If you like oregano on pizza, Tuscany mediterranean spice mix contains also fresh oregano. For a mediterranean diet use on tomato mozzarella salad. Comes in a 5 oz  re-sealable bag. Add to your home made pizza or tomato sauce. No artificial flavors or colors.

Ingredients: Dehydr. garlic, spices (incl. basil, rosemary, oregano, peppers) parsely, sea salt, canola oil.